Craig Pass, Wyoming


Craig Pass, Wyoming

Altitude: 8,262 feet

Nearest Towns On West Side Of Divide: Colter Bay, Wyoming

Nearest Towns On East Side of Divide: West Yellowstone, Idaho

River/Watersheds On West Side Of Divide: De Lacy Creek, Lewis River, Snake River, Columbia River

River/Watersheds On East Side Of Divide: Firehole River, Madison River, Missouri River, Mississippi River

In late October 2006, I visited Yellowstone National Park with my friend ~A~ who lives in Livingston, Montana. We had a really great time visiting many of the active geysers including Old Faithful. We reached the Continental Divide at Craig Pass, elevation 8,262 feet.

Oddly, the great divide at this particular point is such that directly west of the divide is the beginning of the eastern watershed ... while directly east of the divide is the beginning of the western watershed. Confusing huh? Well, the great divide twists and turns often throughout the continent, and at this particular point it is has done almost a full "squiggle" in Yellowstone National Park.

The photo above is Isa Lake, a small lake located along the roadside that drains from both sides.

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