Berthoud Pass, Colorado

Elevation: 11,307 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Winter Park

Nearest Towns East of Divide: Empire

River/Watersheds West Of Divide: Fraser River, Colorado River

River/Watersheds East Of Divide: Clear Creek, South Platte River, Platte River, Missouri River, Mississippi River

Berthoud Pass, Colorado

The marker at Berthoud Pass.

Paul and Steve

In October 2006, my friends and I were en route to Rocky Mountain National Park and rested briefly at Berthoud Pass. Here's a shot of my friend Paul, who was visiting from Maryland and myself on the right. Behind us is part of the westerly view from the pass.

Berthoud Pass Avalanche Blasting

The east side of Berthoud Pass. Interestingly, there is a warning to back country skiers. Long-range weaponry is used to combat potentially dangerous avalanches.

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