Emma Burr Mountain, Colorado

Altitude: Approximately 13,544 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Tincup, Almont, Gunnison

Nearest Towns East Of Divide: Buena Vista

Rivers/Watersheds West Of Divide: Unknown Tributary Creek, Taylor River, Gunnison River, Colorado River

Rivers/Watersheds East Of Divide: South Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Arkansas River, Mississippi River

Emma Burr Mountain, CO

The summit of Emma Burr Mountain is located on the Continental Divide in the Sawatch Mountains. It is situated between Cottonwood Pass and Tincup Pass, and approximately two miles south of Mt. Kruetzer, a fellow "13er" on the divide. The photo above was taken on the morning that my friend and I hiked the mountain in August 2008. The dirt road in the foreground is Chaffee County Road 344.

Continental Divide

Excluding the top photo, all these photos were taken on the summit of Emma Burr Mountain. This photo directly above is the easterly view. (It was morning and I was facing in the general direction of the sun.) The tallest pointed peak on the right is Mt. Princeton.

Emma Burr Mountain

The westerly view from Emma Burr Mountain is above. We hiked from the region known as Mineral Basin (east side of the mountain and divide) and climbed up the mountain's east ridge. There were quite a few "jagged" and rocky spots along that ridge. Facing west, the terrain was in stark contrats with its gentle slope and high altitude grass and flowers.

Probably the greatest scene on this mountain is to the north. That is me standing on a rocky outcropping with a plethora of Rocky Mountains peaks way out there. Just behind me, one can easily see the ridge traveling north that serves as the Continental Divide.

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