Fremont Pass, Colorado

Elevation: 11,318 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Copper Mountain

Nearest Towns East of Divide: Leadville

River/Watersheds West Of Divide: Tenmile Creek, Blue River, Colorado River

River/Watersheds East Of Divide: Arkansas River, Mississippi River

Fremont Pass, Colorado

Considering how often I've driven over Fremont Pass, I really should have better pictures. This pass, located between Leadville and Copper Mountains, is another well-traveled Continental Divide pass via State Highway 91.

Mt. Arkansas, Colorado

Standing at Fremont Pass, here is the view facing the eastern side of Fremont Pass. Mt. Arkansas (13,795 feet) is the tallest peak in view. Directly on the east side of the ridge, is the beginning of the Arkansas River watershed. The river forms just a few miles downhill at the confluence of a number of tributary creeks.

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