Hagerman Pass, Colorado

Elevation: 11,925 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Basalt

Nearest Towns East Of Divide: Leadville

Rivers/Watersheds West Of Divide: Ivanhoe Creek, Fryingpan River, Roaring Fork River, Colorado River

Rivers/Watersheds East Of Divide: Glacier Creek, Lake Fork (including Turquoise Lake), Arkansas River, Mississippi River

Hagerman Pass

Hagerman Pass is located in the Mt. Massive Wilderness area west of Turquoise Lake. I traveled to the pass on the east side of the divide, with Leadville being the nearest town in the upper Arkansas River Valley. I drove as far as I could with my low clearance vehicle and parked in an area that had the historic Carlton Railroad Tunnel (below) and trailhead for Native Lake. I would have been able to take more pictures if I did. Anyway, back to my adventure. I walked approximately 2.5 miles each way along the dirt road to reach Hagerman Pass.

The high country views near the pass are beautiful as they typically are in Colorado. However, the unsightly presence of powerlines kept showing up. This was the view at the pass.

It was a fairly cloudy day, and in fact, I had originally planned to hike the "14er" La Plata Peak this morning. However, with the risk of thunderstorms I'll do that mountain another day.

Not far from Hagerman Pass, as I walked back down on the east side of the divide, I captured this photo that shows some roadside snow remaining. :)

Carlton Tunnel

The Carlton Railroad Tunnel. There was also another tunnel, called the "Hagerman Tunnel" that was used for the old railroads.

Turquoise Lake

One nice view of Turquoise Lake.

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