State Highway 12 In New Mexico (Near Aragon, NM)

Altitude: 7,312 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Aragon

Nearest Towns East of Divide: Horse Springs

Continental Divide

In February 2008, one day I cycled from Reserve to Datil, a 68 mile distance along State Highway 12 in Catron County. This ride was part of my overall journey of bike across America ride, in which I began in San Diego, California and finished at Jekyll Island, Georgia.

It was a fairly cold morning and some snow flurries were still coming down after a night of snowfall in western New Mexico. The sun did come out and by the time I arrived at the Continental Divide, things had warmed up somewhat.

Steve Garufi

There were hardly any vehicles while I briefly rested at the divide, and I captured the photo above using the timer on my camera. Disappointingly, this particular point on the divide did not have a name, at least based on the signage on the road. Still, I was so happy to have made it up there.

Horse Springs, New Mexico

About ten miles downhill from the pass, I captured this beautiful view near Horse Springs, New Mexico.


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