Hoosier Pass, Colorado

Altitude: 11,542 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Blue River, Breckenridge

Nearest Towns East of Divide: Alma, Fairplay

River/Watersheds West Of Divide: Blue River, Colorado River

River/Watersheds East Of Divide: Middle Fork South Platte River, South Platte River, Platte River, Missouri River, Mississippi River

Hoosier Pass, Colorado

Hoosier Pass is a well-traveled pass that leads to Breckenridge and other ski areas on the western side of the Continental Divide. On the east side, Alma, Fairplay and the South Park region are the most immediate places below.

Highway 9 runs through Hoosier Pass is maintained by the C-DOT and remains open all year. I visited Hoosier Pass during a snowstorm in March 2006 and snapped this snowy photo of the Hoosier Pass sign.

Hoosier Pass, Colorado

The views of the surrounding mountains ranges are definitely worthwhile to see. The above photo is facing the west side of the divide and a great view of Quandary Peak is just a few miles downhill on Highway 9.

Mt. Bross and Mt. Lincoln

On the east side of Hoosier Pass, the grandest views come in the form of the grand view of Mt. Bross and Mt. Lincoln, as seen in the photo above. Platte Gulch and Montgomery Reservoir are also accessed from the east side of Hoosier Pass.

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