Mt. Kreutzer, Colorado

Altitude: Approximately 13,095 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Tincup, Almont, Gunnison

Nearest Towns East Of Divide: Buena Vista

Rivers/Watersheds West Of Divide: Unknown Tributary Creek, Taylor River, Gunnison River, Colorado River

Rivers/Watersheds East Of Divide: South Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Arkansas River, Mississippi River

Mt. Kreutzer, CO

Mt. Kreutzer was named after a forest ranger who lived in the early 20th century. This mountain is a relatively obscure (or at least unclimbed) peak situated on the Continental Divide - north of Emma Burr Mountain and west of Tincup, CO. The photo above was taken along the Continental Divide in September 2008. During this expedition, we hiked from Cottonwood Pass to Mt. Kreutzer in one day. (We had a truck waiting for us at the base of the mountain in Mineral Basin.)

Mt. Kreutzer

A view of Mt. Kreutzer during my first drive into Mineral Basin. It is the sand colored peak in the middle of the photo.

Emma Burr Mountain

The photo above was taken at the summit of Emma Burr Mountain. Behind me is the northerly view of the Continental Divide. Mt. Kreutzer is the sand shaded peak out there.

Mt. Kreutzer

One photo at the summit from our September 2008 expedition. This is the view facing west. The divide serves as the border between Gunnison and Chaffee counties along this portion of the divide.

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