North Cochetopa Pass, Colorado

Altitude: 10,149 Feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Doyleville, Gunnison

Nearest Towns East Of Divide: Saguache

Rivers/Watersheds West Of Divide: West Pass Creek, Cochetopa River, Gunnison River, Colorado River

Rivers/Watersheds East Of Divide: East Pass Creek, Saguache Creek, Rio Grande

North Cochetopa Pass is not an impressive pass at all for Colorado standards. There is not even a sign at the summit indicating one has reached the Continental Divide, nor is there even a marker pointing out you're at North Cochetopa Pass. The only semi-interesting sign was the one above, giving mileage to the nearest towns of Gunnison and Saguache.

North Cochetopa Pass, Colorado

The only interesting thing up there is information about the San Luis Valley, the watershed east of the divide.

The views are not the greatest either. Here is the view facing the west side of the divide.

My input is to bypass visiting this pass if you are looking for Colorado scenery.


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