State Highway 90 In Silver City, New Mexico

Altitude: 6,355 feet

Nearest Towns West Of Divide: Lordsburg

Nearest Towns East of Divide: Silver City

River/Watersheds West Of Divide: Unknown at this time

River/Watersheds East Of Divide: Unknown at this time

I was en route to Silver City, New Mexico to meet with my friend Dave, and I reached the Continental Divide just a few miles south of town. The view above is to the north and is the eastern side of the divide.

Southwest New Mexico

The view to the south (photo above), the western side of the divide, was much more impressive. There were patches of snow along the side of the road, and the light reflected perfectly on the mountains in the background. The pass does not have a name, as I learned many of the passes in southern New Mexico are nameless.

Arizona Cardinals T-shirt

I had some difficulty coming up with a third photo that was either scenic or interesting enough, so I used the timer and captured a picture of me standing right on the highway. Notice the Arizona Cardinals shirt I was proudly wearing, which served as a modest momento to my month-long visit to the Southwest. Here are some of my best picture collections from my travels: Saguaro National Park East, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Picacho Peak, Photos Around Tucson, San Diego Zoo.


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